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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Perfect Opportunity

I am going out on a limb here, but I believe God gave Trey Smith a word and that you deserve an opportunity to hear it. Well, it's a lot of words, actually, but you'll be hanging on every one of them before you know it!  If you have not yet made your decision, this may be enough to push you to the brink of realizing the importance of choosing to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. If not now, then it is my prayer for you that as events unfold while President Trump is in office, you remember this documentary. It will be hard to deny Him any longer as you see God's mighty hand at work!  
Oh! And Trey Smith appears to be a bit eccentric, but, hey! Aren't we all? He is obviously intelligent. And he does a really great job explaining God in a nutshell. I believe he has been chosen by God for this task to make us aware. A modern day prophet. You will be able to follow him even if you have not studied the Bible. And, yes, I dare to say, prepare to be amazed!

"We're about to go for a ride!"    ~Trey Smith

If my people, who are called by my name,
will humble themselves and pray and seek my face
and turn from their wicked ways,
then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin
and will heal their land.
~2 Chronicles 7:14
WOW! Right? As we have done over and over since the beginning of time, God's people are finally realizing they are surrounded by muck and mire. Oh, man! We did it, again! We kissed that frog! In desperation, we looked up and there He was. Waiting patiently. Always hoping His people would return. We prayed in earnest. He heard.
I hope we keep praying. Praying for courage to get about the job we are here to do. God gave us this reprieve; not so we can put off Jesus' return and watch America become great again. Not so we can settle in and enjoy our cut of the fat hog once more. (It may have been that frame of mind that let us slip so far off the path!) We have humbled ourselves in prayer, which means we have acknowledged we turned from God and sought His forgiveness.
Now, we must get back to our task at hand for we are still living in the last days. God did not give us this reprieve for us, Christians. We were given this reprieve for them.  
The Lord is not slow in keeping His promise,
as some understand slowness.
Instead He is patient with you,
 not wanting anyone to perish,
 but everyone to come to repentance.
~2 Peter 3:9
We have to get out there!
Show some love! Spread the Word!
 Jesus is coming again and many are not ready! 
I hope you watched. I hope you, too, will pray for God's watch care over Donald Trump and this great nation that was founded in His name. Be willing to acknowledge that He is God, Almighty and that we, as a people and individually, have wronged Him by making what He deemed to be wrong acceptable, even if by nothing more than our silence. If this video, tying ancient days to a prophecy pertaining to the here and now, does not cause you to acknowledge the amazing and all knowing power of God, Almighty, please, keep your eyes, your heart, your mind open in these coming days. We have been given a great opportunity. God wants you to be a part of it. 
It is time to seize the day! 
As always, comments are welcome here and over at the Facebook page. *grinning* You are a very quiet group! But I see the numbers. I know you read. So when the crickets become as overwhelming as the croaking of the frogs... I just try to remember to give a little whistle. And it is not long before I decide to sing!
Thank you, Father God, for loving us so much. Thank you for sending a Cyrus! Let us use your coming blessing to spread your word around this lost and dying world.
See you next time!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Who's By Your Side?

Who's By Your Side?

Evil is out there and on deception it feeds.
It whispers and beckons
Through the most innocent things.
It seduces enticingly
Telling man he NEEDS more!...
One step...then another
Before you know it, there's war.

Yes, man, oh so quickly,
Into darkness will glide
Oft times, while proclaiming
He has God at his side.

Devastation runs rampant, in all forms it's spread.
By our treatment of others and
By the words we have said.
Or it’s pretty, oh so sparkly!
In our minds breeding greed
For some form of addiction;
We MUST fill the need!

Yes, man, oh so quickly,
Into darkness will glide
Not knowing his yearning is
For God at his side.

For if God is in Heaven, the devil’s real too.
And he’ll stop at nothing.
EVERY life, he’ll pursue.
His demons and minions
Are running amok
Causing hopelessness, poverty,
Wars and distrust.

The lion lays waiting
To devour young minds
To control them forever
Far from God’s loving side.

Always endeavor to fight the good fight
No matter the consequence
We must stand by what’s right!
Turn to God’s Word for guidance,
Seek Him out. That’s right! Pray!
And tell others about Jesus
So they, too, might be saved.

Yes, we’re human, we’ll falter,
But if by His Word, we’ll abide
We will grow through this lifetime
Keeping God at our side.

A few year's ago, our son posted the lyric to a Bob Dylan song called With God On Our Side, they stuck with me, but not in a good way. Something did not ring true. This poem would be my response to Mr. Dylan.

Horrible things happen in this world not because of God, but in spite of him. Who would dare to spite God? There is one who exists for it. His name is Lucifer. Satan. The devil. Be careful. He is cunning. Trying his best to twist what is wrong to look right.

Don't kiss that frog!



Saturday, September 10, 2016

Thar She Blows!

 Spew. Vent. Rant. No matter what you call it, at times we just feel the need to get something off our chests. Irritated by the behavior of someone to the point that you have to express it or explode! Social media seems to be a popular place to blast such thoughts whether it be about friend, family or strangers. Oh my gosh! *I'm rolling my eyes.* Sometimes, I am hard pressed to keep my fingers off the keys. I so want to tell the person that their comment was out of line or TMI or... whatever wisdom I would like to impart pertaining to the ick displayed on my screen. But I don't. Out there in comments land anyway. I have felt compelled to send a private message/novel a time or two. Ultimately, though, I believe that old adage that goes if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all

However... You see it coming, don't you? Will it help to know I have a little grin on my face and not a scowl? ...If no one ever broaches the subject, how is one ever able to see things from a different perspective? In light of that, I'd like to put a couple of things out there.

1.  Please, don't air your family differences for all the world to see. The spouse/significant other blasts, whether cryptic or full blown vicious, are the worst. And, yes, you may have family members or in-laws whose views differ from yours on every topic and their way of handling a situation may clash with yours at every turn. But, come on now, when it's all said and done, you are family. Odds are things are going to get worked out, but those hurtful, negative words you wrote or spoke to everyone who would listen are out there for good.

2.  If you are out in the world and see something someone is doing that is airheaded, rude, shocking, or even down right appalling, I'm curious to know how blasting this stranger is putting a positive spin on things. Perhaps they are having a really bad day or decade for all we know. And the odds grow higher every day that they didn't have the privilege of being raised in a home that taught respect and values. Maybe they are just rotten to the core, but, hey, when it gets right down to it, aren't we all? A bunch of broken people muddling about in the dark, most of which don't have a clue about how to truly light up there life. If you are a believer, why don't you pray for the person right then and there... sure beats throwing up in your mouth a little for heaven's sake!

I rolled my eyes again as I typed that phrase. Not just because it was a super gross moment when it has actually happened to me either! It's the context in which people use it when making a slam that I find most distasteful about the phrase. Blech!

After your public rant, do you really feel better past the rush of "so there!" as you press enter? Did it make a
difference in resolving the situation positively for anyone or did it give others an opportunity to jump on your bandwagon adding a slam or two of their own? Building a sense of camaraderie, but at what cost? There can be a
problem with bandwagons. If the mob mentality (which can spread like wild fire) takes a negative spin, things can get out of control in a hurry! 

By the way, I never expected to find a picture of a crashed bandwagon!* It surprised me there amongst all the happy, come along with us and life will be grand type of images. Something else popped up, too, that wasn't an image at all, but I had the urge to click it. Personally, I think it was divine intervention (Yes, it does really happen.). It tied the negative effect of mob mentality right to this particular bandwagon. It's an article by Zachary K. Perins for Relevant Magazine. <~ You should click it. It's a good read. It made me think about this topic on a much bigger scale!
But let's get back to our own little worlds for just a minute. If we need to spew stuff, lets make sure we are expelling large quantities of (something) rapidly and forcibly that builds others up. The clock is ticking! Time's going to reach it's end. Instead of stirring up strife, let's strive to follow Paul's lead when he said,   

And, hey, let's not just think about it.
Let's put it out there on social media and beyond!
May we pray?
Father God,
Thank you for loving us so much. I pray that if there is one reading this that is seeking the truth, that they will bask in the glow of Your love this minute and realize it's from You it comes.
And I know basking is good for believers, too, Father God! Fill us up with love so that we can't help but share it with those we meet.  Whether they are lost or just beaten down to the point they feel there really is no hope, remind us to use our words in a way that lets a ray of Your light shine in the darkness.
It's because of Your Son, Jesus, that we have this hope. And it is in His name we pray.
I'd be glad to hear your thoughts. You can leave them below or over on the Facebook page.
See you next time!

PS I know sometimes we seriously do need to talk about things that are going on in our lives that aren't pretty. Talking with a trusted friend goes a long way in helping us feel relief and keeps a lid on things. Pray up about it, too. I believe that's truly our best recourse.

*Heroe's Destruction 

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Sunday, July 31, 2016

I Need To Practice My Pitch



We just finished up Vacation Bible School. It's an outreach for the children in our community that our church has held every summer since... Well, actually, I don't know when we started. I'd say that there is a very strong possibility VBS has been going on here since it became widespread throughout church congregations in 1923. I attended when I was a child and was a teen helper for the preschool class after that. I have not helped every year since, but I can sure account for a lot of them! I helped in the kitchen a couple of years. I taught my first class when our son was four in 1989, began helping out yearly with the preschool class in the late 90's and then started teaching the first grade class. But for the past 10 years or so, I have had the privilege of teaching music. I love it so much! A few years ago, my sister moved back to the state and has dedicated her time each year to help me. We have great fun and are always amazed by how hard the kids work and how much they learn!  We have a total of about an our hour and a half together divided into nightly classes Monday through Thursday nights. Friday night is reserved for Family Night! The children look forward to performing the songs they have worked on all week.  

Music has been a way through which I have always felt a strong connection with God and His Word. I know He can reach out to these young ones in that way, too. Every single year as I prepare, learning first the songs and then motions to accompany them, there is that one song that really speaks to my heart. In it, I find a connection with something I am dealing with in my life. A lesson just for me, right there in the midst of things. *Sharing your look of amazement.* I know, right? God is awesome like that! 

This year's lesson is worthy of sharing with everyone. Part of my job is to prepare the lyrics to be projected for the children to view. A few years ago, we upgraded to a projector and I can now create them with power point. Wheeeeeeee! The slides always go together quickly. The animation and timing each slide to advance with the music takes me a while longer, but it's something I enjoy doing. I usually work on them at night after the girls have gone to bed. I will interject here that I can get a little obsessed with my project at hand at times. My husband gets up around 3:30 (that's AM... 😫 Poor guy.) to get ready to leave for his route and has caught me still working on a project more than once! I know I'm in danger of being busted when I hear the coffee pot kick on. Truth be told, sometimes I have even succumbed to the temptation to slug a cup or two and press on all night. That's usually when I am blogging actually and it's only been a few times. Honest!

One afternoon, the girls were playing so nicely that I took advantage of the sudden free time to sit down in the playroom with them at the PC and start working on animation and timing. Things began to fall apart in the land of imagination about the time I had things roughly in place. As mentioned above, I get a little obsessed at times and couldn't wait to see the finished product. I dangled our

very favorite movie in front of them - Big Hero 6 - and knew I would have 102 precious minutes to get this song in the can! I popped in the dvd and went right back to work.

They were at my elbow in what seemed like minutes. I promised I was nearly finished and asked them to please find something to do for just a few minutes more. They complied and I went back to the task at hand. I was having a bit of trouble getting the last few slides lined up perfectly and to be honest was getting a bit frustrated with that fact. I was so close! A "grrrrrrrrrrr" escaped my lips about the same time Cynthia reappeared at my elbow. She whined, "How much longer? You said it would be just a little while a long time ago!"

I realized then just how much of our day (now turned evening!) I had spent working. I acknowledged that she was right and asked her to be patient just a few minutes longer. I would just try one more little adjustment and maybe that would do it. She immediately bowed her little head and said,  "Oh, please, God, help Charelle do it! Amen." I added a second here and there, then deleted a second here and there. Then announced we were ready to see if it worked. She scrambled up on my lap and I clicked play.

When this slide popped up mid-song, she nearly jumped off my lap in excitement as she exclaimed, "I know who's hands those are! They are God's hands! You are right! He really is bigger than anything!" I explained that was not a real picture of God's hands, but one someone had made because they knew God was big enough to hold the whole world in His hands. By the time that little conversation finished, we were nearing the end of the song and... Success!

"Done deal!" I said feeling quite pleased with myself. "It is? He heard me! God helped you!" Cynthia exclaimed. I immediately deflated a bit remembering her half heard prayer. "Why, yes He did!" I agreed and thanked my sweet girl for praying for help and for reminding me that's what I'm supposed to do when I start to fret. It was then that I felt like God whispered to my spirit. "Silly girl." And I felt a tiny bit sheepish for getting out of sorts. The song I had been working on was Cast My Cares by Finding Favour. Silly me was right! I had not once thought to ask God to help me get it together! About the time this revelation was hitting me, Cynthia asked, "Did we cast our care?" I affirmed that we had indeed thanks to her.

Next I apologized to God straight away for not staying focused enough on the message right in front of me to actually follow through with what they said. Cast all my cares. I could have trusted Him to help with something as minute as timing a slide show. Had I done so, I imagine I would have finished long before!

Are the burdens you carry getting to heavy to bear? I know someone who gave His life so you would not have to be overcome with the weight of the world. He will give you the strength to persevere through the trials and troubles no matter what they are! When you give your life to Jesus, you can live with the confidence of knowing everything is going to turn out all right. 

Can we pray?

Father God,
You are mighty enough to hold the weight of the world in Your hands and more, but still You care so much for each and every one of us. Your unending love gives us hope. And with hope in our hearts, we can endure anything. You are in control of it all. We need not worry or be afraid because there is not one thing too big or too small for You to handle. When we feel stress, anxiety, pain, fear... the list of all things negative in our lives... we can give it to You and You will take care of it.

I'm asking for you to make that known without a doubt to the one who is reading this. If they have not yet found a relationship with You through accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior, I pray today will be the day. And that from this point on, they grow to love and trust You more each day. If they are a believer all ready, I pray you reinforce in them the importance of being able to cast all their cares on You. When we are able to do that, what a witness we are to this lost and dying world. 

Thank You for loving us so much that You sent Your Son, It is in the name of Jesus that I pray because it is through Him that we are reconciled to You.


Thanks for stopping by. 😏 Feel free to leave a comment below or pop over to the Facebook page and leave one there. That would be great!

See you next time!

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Walkin' In Those Shoes


For a time, before Mom would offer correction or voice a concern, she could be heard saying, "Point one finger at you and three back at me." She didn't want the person she was correcting to ever get the impression that she considered herself to be in any way better than they were. It seemed to be in her nature to always consider how best to say something without being hurtful. I hope I got that gene, because some may feel I am going to step on some toes. I have been pondering this subject for awhile now though and think I am supposed to bring it up. And for the record, I am speaking to believers this day.

It's not my plan to "preach" on the importance of pointing out someone else's sin. But that word, gently, certainly fits in with my Mom memory, doesn't it? If it's got to be done, that's certainly the best way to broach the subject. But it's the last sentence that I can't get off my mind these past days; especially those first two words. "Watch yourselves," Paul said.
It should be a no-brainer that we are to be ready to withstand the temptations of sin. I speak from experience when I say the tighter you are hanging on to the promises of God, the easier it gets to stand strong. By the way, I'm sure that ol' devil gets a special thrill out of tripping us up after we've called someone out! If he can get us to stumble and fall then, he has opportunity to throw doubt into the minds of those we were trying to help. And believe me when I say he will hunker down and prepare to sink in his teeth!  (The prowling lion waiting to devour. ~1 Peter 5:8)   
Pardon me for a moment. I must interrupt myself:  Mel Gibson, you have popped into my mind every time I have thought about how to broach this subject of being taken down. Such a great and mighty thing you did for God! For mankind! Ah, the thrill of knowing you were answering His call on your life pulsing through your veins! It is a current flowing like none other, isn't it? It truly became your passion to show us His. Thank you.
I have no doubt Satan pulled out all the stops to take you down. It saddened me when troubled days fell upon you. I am sure I was not the only one praying for you during those difficult days. Instead of judging you, some were carrying your burden with you. Or at least trying to ease the weight you carried by lifting you up in prayer. Hoping God would hold you close and reach out to you in no uncertain terms. I still pray for you every time I think of you. The battle is real and as ongoing as we let it be. (Pointing those three fingers back at me! I have done a bit of stumbling along the way.)  I hope those dark days are far behind you. I hope you have reconnected to the living current of the Holy Spirit and are shining ever brighter for those around you to see. It seems the media only wants to feed on the pain and suffering of those in the limelight so no news is good news as far as I'm concerned. ☺

And now the segue to getting back on track...  πŸ˜‰  I know the odds that Mel Gibson will actually read that are... Oh, I don't know... can odds be zero - zero?  That'd be ok by me because odds don't matter one iota in my book. I don't find them in His either. I do find verse after verse that tells me God loves me and if I put my trust and hope in Him that He will not disappoint. I find verses that tell me of Jesus' great love for us and that if I ask Him to become my Savior, from that point on I will be able to do all things through Him. First and foremost being reconciled to God. When I believe these things with all my heart and see the hard thing through to the end, I am stronger for it. The battle will be easier next time. I have eased on down that road of faith. You can, too. It will get easier to withstand temptation and the bad things that happen in life. And along the way your personal relationship will grow stronger.
Stronger - Mandisa
I have no doubt that if God plans for Mel Gibson to read my thoughts, it will end up right in front of him! (Perhaps I could try labeling this post with his name and should he ever google Mel Gibson and frog, maybe? Baha! As if those words will ever come together in a sentence!) But even if that is never the case, I believe God wanted me to say it so somebody who feels they have walked a similar path can read this and realize the same applies. If that is you, I will bear your burden through lifting you up in prayer. Hoping you will feel the powerful surge of reconnection and will shine brighter because of it!  
Was I led by God to go ahead and tell Mel my thoughts? I think I must have been, but I won't know for sure until I stand before Him one day. Would some say, "Well, of course not! Why would God deliver some love to him through you?" Yes, I think some would.
That thought brings me right back to the topic I was going to post today. And I just laughed out loud when I realized it! God does work in mysterious ways and I am glad He cleared my path! I have been asking how I was supposed to get the point across without  revealing the circumstances that put this thought for a post in my head. I wasn't going to use names, of course, but I live in Small Town, USA. And, of course, we have Facebook... I wasn't sure I could be generic enough, but it was the only thing I could come up with besides the Mel Gibson thing popping in my head and wondering how he's doing and uttering my little hope he's reconnected and standing strong prayer. I didn't think he was actually going to wind up getting a mention! I should have known God had it covered.
What? You think God did not inspire these words? Watch yourself! That's really not your call. No matter how long we've been walking with God, we just aren't privy to the big picture. And because w are not to know, we certainly have to be careful not to fall prey to the mindset that how we answer God's call is the way everyone is supposed to answer God's call. He made us unique for a reason, people.  One size does not fit all! There are as many ways to reach out as their are people on this earth because it is God's hope that none should perishHe has a plan in place to give us all a chance for salvation through Jesus. That plan's success has a lot to do with us, Christians. We have been called to run a good race. Don't get tripped up.
Instead of doubting if someone is "doing it right" regarding their witness for Christ, try on their shoes for a minute. Better yet, carry his burden until you wear holes in the soles of your shoes instead of expecting him to wear yours. And in this way, you will fulfill the law of Christ. You will show and share His love.

Can we pray?
Father God,
Thank You for loving us no matter what. Thank You for guiding us each one in the way You would have us go. I pray our hearts and minds will be open so we hear you clearly.
I ask that you speak to the hearts of those who have taken a fall; draw them ever close. Let them yearn to be a shining example of You and Your ways. Let us, all, yearn for that!
Help us remember Your ways are not our ways. You have a plan and we will trust You to carry it out. Help us lift each other up in prayer and help and love one another.  
At all times, let us praise your mighty name and rejoice in the knowledge that You are. I ask these things in Jesus name.
As always, comments are welcome. Or pop over to the Facebook page and leave one there.
See you next time.
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Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Dance

Somebody used to ask me (usually with a tad bit of frustration in their voice), "Why is everything always God or the devil with you?" My answer? Because, ultimately, it is. Even though we are born with a "sinful nature ,"  there comes a day for most when we know the difference between good and bad choices. 

We may sometimes squelch it, rationalizing black and white into grey, but in our heart of hearts...  We know. And when we make a choice that we know is not the right one, we are sending an invitation whether we are aware of it or not. The opening chords of an age old tune begin. You can call it whatever you want. Sowing wild oats, living on the edge, walking on the wild side, the list goes on. The way I see it, we have all had the name on our dance card at some point

We've danced with the devil.
You may not even have been aware when you were whisked out onto the floor dazzled by the distraction of the rush you were feeling at breaking the rules in some way and not getting caught. Perhaps the feeling of acceptance by a group of friends masked a lifestyle that pulled you into the tangled tango of addiction. Maybe the pain you have experienced has left the word revenge pounding relentlessly in your brain. Or does the steady beat repeat over and over that you are worthless and undeserving? Some people even court the dance in exchange for something they want.

I've danced. 😩 It's not a fact I'm proud of, but it's the truth. I want you to know that I am not just spouting off and thumping my Bible. I stand here before you admitting I have messed up and I am bound to do it again. I'm human. 

But God is good all the time. He forgives me when I ask and doesn't hold a grudge. The Bible tells us that (Psalm 103:12). When we repent of our sins and they are forgiven, they are as far from God as the east is from the west. That's a long way! 
But I didn't always know that.

Nevertheless, I believe I stepped on my would be partners toes pretty hard once. Years later, I think he's still holding a grudge. But guess what? Ultimately...

I always have a little twinge of "Eeeeeeek!" when I so boldly throw a conquest for God in Satan's face. But, on the other hand, I should confess that I do it pretty often.  I "eeeek" because who wants the devil, himself, mad at you, personally? And, oh, I know it makes him mad! But the angst subsides just as quickly as it came when my next thought is remembering the side I am on! So, yeah! I will do what I can to foil his plans. God says we should not be afraid, but be strong and courageous in the battle! And, it is a battle, my friend.

There I was living smack in the middle of choices I had followed through with in my life that were not wise ones. I was weighed down to the point that I was, literally, sitting in a corner on the floor tearfully pouring my heart out to God. I don't remember what exactly I said, but I was telling him what a mess I was in and wanted to get my life on track with Him. Of course, I made sure He was aware of how I thought it would all work out for the best. In retrospect, I realize it was a give me what I want (please) and I will be such a great Christian kind of prayer. Totally sold out for YOU, God, but first I want... 

This was not the kind of prayer to be praying. The reason being because there was a me first condition attached. God isn't in the business of granting wishes or making deals. He's got a perfect plan in place. He doesn't need my help determining what's best for me. 

But I was certain I had my best interest at heart and pressed on refusing to acknowledge that the resounding silence could be a no. I kept making bargains trying to sweeten the deal. I guess I began to feel desperate and in my push to prove to God my sincerity I actually used the phrase I would sell my soul. 

That I used those words instantly made me uncomfortable because they scared me. But my master tool of rationalization was always at the ready and kicked in immediately. I most absolutely had not uttered the last three words of that phrase! I was talking to God for heaven's sake! 

I  kid you not, it was at that exact moment my phone rang.
I answered and was amazed by what I heard. It seemed I had an immediate answer to my prayer. God had totally trusted my judgment! I hung up the phone feeling elated! And, needless to say, ready to thank God profusely, but the "th" sound had barely left my lips when the snarling thought came. He had nothing to do with it! You said the words. I gave you what you wanted. You go to hell now.

'Wrong! I wasn't talking to you!'
You said the words.

'Well, never mind then! I've changed my mind!'
You said the words.

'But, I'm a Christian!'
You said the words.

There was no denying it. I had said said the words. Sadly, it didn't take much convincing. This was no time for free style and I was not prepared to use the choreography taught us in the Word and fly straight for the power of Jesus' mighty name. I believed that old liar.

Even so, I wasn't ready to hang up my ballet slippers just yet! I conceded grudgingly (and felt surprisingly calm, all things considered!) that if he was right, then, so be it. What's done was done. But my admission did not come without making sure he understood I was at that moment vowing to help as many as I could to find their way to heaven without making the same mistake as I!

Seriously. That was my "TouchΓ©!"

I may not have been more than a babe in Christ, but I understood our need for a Savior!  I thought I had made a serious mistake in saying those words. I am so glad I didn't go around sharing that information! πŸ˜³ I wish I could tell you that I delved into Bible study and began to discover the wealth of information contained there. But, no! Not yet! Hang on, God. Since I might be doomed anyway... I have what I asked for dangling right in front of me. It's right... reach! I... almost have... what I... want!

I am shaking my head at me. *Sigh.* Baby steps, I guess. Spiritual maturity takes time. Praise be to God! He didn't give up on me! And a few years later, when things started to click in my brain, they clicked in place for good! Oh happy day when I realized what a goof I had been to ever think that the lie I'd been told might be true! I was all ready a child of God that day (albeit an ignorant one πŸ˜‰ ) and my soul was not for sale! Jesus paid the price for my sins and came into my life as my Savior and Lord when I prayed the prayer of salvation. He was not about to hand me over to the enemy just because I used part of a catch phrase!

You aren't for sale either. I don't care who you are or what you've done. Even if you asked to dance (maybe even said those words) so you can have what you want, it is not set in stone. You can walk away! Believe the One Who Loves You Most and not the father of lies. You, too, can be saved. The only unpardonable sin is not accepting a gift freely given to all who will accept it. The gift of salvation provided through Jesus.

My friend, the devil is a liar. I know I say it a lot, but he and his minions are at it constantly. You are made in the image of God. He wants you to know Him! So whatever ploy that is used to try and keep you from discovering for yourself the mighty, all encompassing,
love of God and His Son, Jesus, hang on a second! Don't kiss that frog! The yearning in your heart isn't for anything of or in this world even though there is one who would have you believe that. What you yearn for is the Father. Your Father.

At some point, I took off the dancing shoes and took up the sword of the spirit. The Bible, which is the Word of God. You should consider doing the same. The struggle is real, but the war is already won! Be ready to fight the good fight!
*Taking the proper stance* 
En garde!

I am praying for you.
See you next time.


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Friday, April 8, 2016

Take A Walk With Me

I truly feel Jesus may be coming soon.  Do you totally understand why that is so important to you? I'd like to share this with you. It'll just take a minute... well just over three...

If you have made the big decision, I would love to hear it! Please comment below. :) Or maybe you have questions? *pointing to the comments section* Let's get the conversation going! Or there is the facebook page...
I'll be praying. 😏  God knows who I mean.

Just In Case

"That night two people will be asleep in one bed;
one will be taken, the other left."

This is my little sister and me. Can you see the sweetness just bubbling out of her? I love her so. When we were a few years older than in this picture, we shared a room and... a bed. It was at about this same time that I was learning more about "end times." Being the literal thinker that most children are, I took the words in this verse to heart. What I had heard about the days of the tribulation sounded (and sound!) terrifying! I did not care to be here for it. I actually hoped that if Jesus came while we were sleeping, I would get to go with Him and she would have to stay here to endure. I felt badly about my hope (Look at her!) and never discussed my dark secret with anyone. Thankfully, I didn't carry my anxiety about this for very long. Life moved on and I got caught up in something else.

I have to take seriously my responsibility to share with you what God's Word says will happen in the end times, for earth's days are numbered.  I told you last time that I believe that Jesus is coming soon, but I feel like I left an elephant in the room. I have to make sure you know about the rapture of believers. It may not be today or tomorrow or even next year, but it could be. He is coming. I believe the Bible teaches that Jesus will return in the sky to rapture His people. The antichrist will rule over the world and eventually Satan, himself, will take the helm. It will not be good. But take heart! All is not lost!

That is the main point of my post today. I want you to know that if ever there comes a day when people you know that believe as I do are just gone, it is not too late! Do not believe what the rulers of this world concoct by way of an explanation. Accept the truth of those who have shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with you and hit your knees! God will forgive you your transgressions if you but admit to Him you have been wrong. Acknowledge your need of a savior and believe that savior is Jesus, God's only Son. If you can put your hands on a Bible start reading with the book of John.   
Then hang on, friend! It will be a crazy ride, but you will have God guiding you every step of the way. I believe our Creator, the God of the Bible will speak to His new found children in an undeniable way. Keeping you in His watch care and guiding your steps. You will have a role to play in the coming of His kingdom here on earth like that of no other believer before you. You will be strong and courageous!
You can say I have been indoctrinated into my belief and I will not disagree. Merriam Webster's simple definition of the word being: to teach (someone) to fully accept the ideas, opinions, and beliefs of a particular group and to not consider other ideas, opinions, and beliefs.
I was not brainwashed into this way of thinking. I was blessed to be born into a family of believers. Normal, every day people who had experienced life's joys and tragedies, but along the way had met Jesus. I was surrounded by believers as I grew. Normal, every day people who had experienced life's joys and tragedies who had decided to follow Jesus at some point in their lives. I was surrounded by believers that made sure I knew about God and His Son, but that night in a revival service at the age of 9, I knew it was the Holy Spirit of God, Himself, that was whispering to my heart. I formed my own bond with God, the Father when accepting my need for Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I have learned first hand that this bond can never  be broken, but can only grow stronger if I desire to make it so. Yes, I believe. Oh, I believe it all! 


                                         I love that song! Creed by Third Day.
You can read what Jesus said about the signs of the end of an age and His return Here:        Matthew 24 and Luke 17:20-37 
Can we pray?
Father, God,
I ask that you bless those reading these words. I ask that if they have not yet made the decision to give their lives to you that today is the day! Whisper to their hearts, Lord, as only You can. I ask that you stir the hearts of believers, too, urging them to become a mighty force in prayer and deed that we may help You bring the lost to You. I ask these things in the name of Jesus.  Amen.
As always, you are welcome to leave a comment with your thoughts.
See you next time!

One more thing. I think I should note that some Christians believe the rapture will occur during the tribulation period and not just prior. I think some even believe there will not be a rapture at all. But I am among those that believe Jesus will come before to keep us from what is to come. If my timing is off, God won't hold it against me. Hope you don't either.


A Long Time Coming


Some of you may well be rolling your eyes and likening me to the church lady after

this post. It's ok. It isn't the first time nor do I imagine it will be the last. *Go ahead and insert a little sideways smile here if you'd like.* Granted, Dana Carvey's Saturday Night character is a bit extreme, but ultimately she sees things as either black or white. So do I.

Having the reputation of someone who stands for God is not one I can shy away from. I'm finding more and more that means taking a very unpopular stand with what  appears to be the majority of society. But at the same time, it is never my intent to be in your face. I just want to get the information out there and make sure you know what's what. Ultimately, what you do with it is up to you. That said, here we go...
 Peter and the other believers thought Jesus would return during their lifetime. Nonbelievers would obviously be taunting with snide remarks, but Peter was writing to the church! Have a little patience, people! πŸ˜ How would they have reacted if they had known God planned for thousands of years to pass? If Peter thought people were letting their evil desires get out of hand in his day, imagine the mind blowing culture shock if he were plopped into our world!
Generation upon generation of ancestors have passed and still life goes on. Hum drum, helter skelter and every possibility in between... Wherever you find yourself on the spectrum of life, time is moving forward and the clock will run out. If you've read The Big Fat Fairy Tale, you know it's the plan of the devil, himself, to distract you from the life God has planned for you. Not only here on earth, but for eternity if possible. Sadly, that evil plot seems easier and easier accomplished in the massive swirl of distractions surrounding us today. It seems the majority of the world has put on blinders not wanting to see even a glimpse of the truth. But then there are those of us who will climb up on our soap box, arms flailing, in hopes of catching an eye. Wanting to share what we have learned to give others the opportunity to believe
Still, I'm sure I am not the only one of His people that have had moments of feeling like a very small light in a very dark world. Wondering, "Where is He? What is He waiting for?" I mentioned last post that I've been thinking about time and the fact that it flies by. If you are a believer, perhaps you think like I do that we are racing toward Jesus' return at break neck speed. Truly living in the last days! We might actually be here when Jesus returns! This is an extremely exciting thought for me; but a sad one, too, because there are still those I know and love who have not realized their need to ask Jesus to become their Lord and Savior. (To learn more about how to do this, Take a Walk with me.) For that reason, I am glad God is waiting to set the final wave of life as we know it in motion.
And if my heart breaks at the thought of loved ones lost, God's must do the same to the nth degree. He had a plan in the beginning and it will come to fruition. When will He send Jesus? Only God knows the day and the hour. Why is He waiting so long? 
I think Peter summed up the answer nicely. But first he chastised the scoffers a bit for "deliberately forgetting" what God had done in the past and promised for the future. Then he said,
"But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. The Lord is not slow in keeping His promise, as some understand slowness. Instead He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance."
                                     ~2 Peter 3:8-9
           ...Not wanting anyone to perish.
As a father peers down the road, hoping to see his long lost child homeward bound ... 
                           He waits
                        Is it for you?
If you have not yet come to know Jesus as your Savior, I pray today will be the day. I do! If you do know Jesus, then you know He would not have us stand idly by waiting His return. Get out there! Find a way to help share the Good News!
Thank you for loving us. Help us to be strong and courageous whether or not we are living in the last days. Those who do not know you will need to be strong and courageous to withstand the scoffers jabs when they commit their lives to You and Your light begins to shine in them. Those of us who know you will need to stand strong and courageous to continue following your heart. Vowing to share what we know in hopes not anyone will perish, but all will come to repentance.
I ask these things, Father, in the name of your One and Only Son, Jesus.
As always, your comments are welcome. Or feel free to pop over to the facebook page
See you next time.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Huffing and Puffing Won't Blow the Strawman Down

I never considered that sharing my belief could be viewed as a straw man of any type. I thought
The Straw Man by Patrick Scott
a straw man was a decoy of sorts. Knowingly putting false information out there, specifically, for the purpose of it being disproved. No false info here! I believe what I say to be true! Too many personal experiences to even begin to deny God's existence. To do so would be an outright lie! Nonetheless, a young friend who had posed a "religious" question, to which I felt it was okay to point to this blog in my response, stated that I have built a straw man here. I did so by sharing information about God, but not 
proving His existence.                      
I wish I could produce that piece of physical evidence that would be sufficient proof for my questioning friend and any of his family that question, too. Proof for all his friends and their families. Proof for all their  friends and families. Proof for all my family and friends.  And, if you do not know Him, proof for you right here and now. The decision is the most important one anyone makes in their lives. Your soul is going to live with God for eternity or separated from Him. That realization alone made too late would be hell enough... but we are, also, left at the mercy of the other one. And he will have none.
I am not trying to scare anyone into making a decision. I just want to make sure you know the facts. If God is real, so is the devil.
But as much as I want to be able to undeniably put God right in front of you, I can not. If you are not already open to the idea of meeting Jesus and through Him beginning a relationship with God, the Father, I can huff and puff all I want. But, no amount of scripture quoting, debating, arguing, or even pleading can knock the straw man down. I can offer to introduce you, but I can't force your meeting. 
I like to share a verse found in Deuteronomy 4:29 "But if from there you seek the Lord your God, you will find Him if you seek Him with all your heart and all your soul." God reiterates those words throughout the Bible. (You can read the many promises He makes to those who truly seek Him here.) He wants you to find Him. He knows you. He planned for your creation before the creation of the world. He longs for you to know Him, too. 
The only thing I can offer by way of proof is what God has done for me. If you know me and are reading this, what would you say about me? Am I someone that you trust? Would I stand by you when times are hard? I would hope you answered both questions with a resounding, "Yes!"
So, I will share just two of the many, many  things God has done for me. One is a miracle. The other, a lesson.  Let's start with the miracle. πŸ˜‡

My husband was an iron worker for many years. We have a copy of this picture hanging in our home. It's titled Lunch Atop A Skyscraper by photographer, Charles Ebbet (ca. 1932). He identifies with these guys. Except for on the really big jobs, with the really big companies, safety regulations were pretty much non-existent in the 80's. Tying off was not the norm. It was and is a very dangerous occupation.
I looked up when I heard the door open at work one Friday afternoon, in late August, to see my mother-and-father-in-law walk in. I knew, immediately, that something was very, very wrong. The crew was finishing up a building in a near by town and there had been an accident. We had been married for 5 months and, in typical man style, my brand new husband hadn't gotten around to changing his "Incase of Emergency" information in his wallet. Turns out, that was a good thing. I'm not sure how I would have taken a call like that.
Upon getting to the hospital, we learned that they had been hanging gutters and Randy had gotten up on his knees to stretch. He had a metal tape measurer in his hand. When he lifted his arms into the air, 8,000 volts (Yes, I said eight thousand.) of electricity arced from the city power line overhead into the tape measurer. It entered Randy's body next to his thumb, shot through his internal organs, and blew holes through his knees as it exited. The force of the impact tossed him off the building. He fell thirty feet to the ground, fracturing his back in 2 places. Plus side of hitting the ground? They say it was the impact that started his heart beating again. His condition was grave. *sigh* What a day that was.
After speaking with the doctor in the emergency room, I was met by the ambulance driver. He introduced himself and started our conversation by saying that he had never hung around to speak with a patient's family before, but he felt compelled to tell me something. When they got the call, they assumed they were on the way to a fatal accident. They were surprised to discover a pulse. And then my husband spoke! He groaned and said, "I am going to be in so much trouble!" The driver responded, "In trouble? Why, buddy? There was an accident, but we're going to get you to the hospital now. It's going to be all right." Randy said, "My wife prays every day that I don't fall off a building and I think I just fell off a building." The driver, visibly, choked up, but pressed on. "I told him, Buddy, I think it's because of those prayers that I am talking to you right now. Everything's going to be ok."
And (Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, God!) it was. He made it past the critical 48 hour mark. (Longest weekend of my life! I spent it by his side, alternating between, tearfully, thanking God for sparing his life and, tearfully, begging Him not to take it yet.) His progress continued. He walked out of the hospital one week after he was admitted. Miracle! Even the doctors and nurses were using the word. Praise be to God! 
And, my friend who got me thinking about the straw man, I hope you read this. This, directly, pertains to what you asked that day. You were wondering how doctors feel when God is getting the glory for healing the sick and injured when it's them doing the work. I didn't think of this part of my life that day. But the doctors and nurses were truly using the word miracle. And Randy's doctor, Dr. Eugene Windmiller, was such a comfort to me. He even prayed with me. Actually, he did the praying. I was busy sobbing. It was a mighty prayer. I was so thankful for him. Odds are in this world, though, that there are some doctors who are offended for not getting the credit. But, we're all just supposed to be helpers here. Sin has really messed up His plan. But God can use a nonbeliever to accomplish His will, whether they know it or not. He's God.
And if you chose to follow Jesus and make a conscious decision that if God says it in His Word, then, you will believe it. God will not disappoint!
Keep the faith, baby!
I thank God for Ms. Faye. She taught our preschool class at Sunday School for many (Many!) years. When I, finally, made the commitment to attend church regularly again, after over a decade of missing way, way more often than attending, she asked me if I would help her in her class. Well, little people are my thing! It didn't take too much coaxing for me to say yes. At some point during the years of my absence, someone was inspired to add a life application for scripture to our class literature. Great idea! Still qualifying as a babe in Christ myself, those lessons resonated with me. I learned so much!
God expounded on those lessons more than once. But, today, I will share what I learned about wants and needs. Just hitting God up for cool stuff because it's cool or asking God for something for selfish reasons is a want. Not the type of prayer God has on the priority list. We shouldn't even ask. Needs are different. A few days after this lesson, I had an errand I needed to run. It was a beautiful spring day. I loaded the 3 little boys in my daycare that day into our rickety, old wagon and off we went. We passed my neighbor's perpetual yard sale on our route home and lo and behold! There in his yard was a refurbished Radio Flyer! It was beautiful! The boys noticed it right away and were in awe. Mr. McC hurried over to chat a minute. I had to ask how much he wanted for the Flyer. He winked at my wagon load and answered, "Oh... For you and the boys... $10.00."

What? $10,00! But Missouri winters are not often conducive to ironwork. We were just coming out of such a winter so money was tight. Splurging even $10.00 would be selfish. It's a wagon. I shouldn't even entertain the thought. I thanked him for the offer and said I'd better not. He smiled and said he'd just hold on to it a bit while I thought it over. 

On the short walk from his yard to mine, I found myself having a little talk with God that went something like this:
"It sure would be nice to have a new wagon, God. This one is getting pretty shaky. But, we  enjoy our walks around the neighborhood so! I was paying attention to the lesson on Sunday. It's a wagon. Surely, something we can live without."
We turned the corner and rolled up the drive way.  And I remember thinking how quiet and still our street was. Not a soul in sight. The boys scrambled out of the wagon, up the back porch steps and we were inside. I shut the door and turned to help the boys out of their jackets. There was a knock. It startled me because I usually heard footsteps on the old wooden porch floor even if in another room. I looked to see a lady I did not know standing at the window with a huge smile on her face. I opened the door and before I could speak, she said, "I'll give you $10.00 to take this survey." She waved a $10,00 bill at me as she spoke. I wonder if my face showed the amazement that flooded my soul.
Sometimes we need what we want. The icing on the cake was that was the day I not only received an immediate answer to prayer (And wondered if I was visited by an angel!), but I decided I will trust God to know what's best for me. It has been a wise decision.
Oh, and I took that survey! Guess what I did with the $10.00... 😊
I hope by sharing these experiences I have given you some food for thought. The straw man theory is just another guise used by the devil, himself, to keep you from the One who loves you most. Don't kiss that frog!

By the way, I know I am very inconsistent in getting new posts up for this blog. I intend for them to be more frequent, but time seems to be racing by at warp speed! I am thinking that will be the next topic for this blog. I'll keep you posted!
As always, I would welcome your comments. If you are a believer reading this post, share something God has done for you in the comments!
See you next time.  I'll be hoping and praying you take the straw man down! Down to the ground! Ask Jesus to come into your heart today!
Thanks to for listing God's promises to those that seek Him.
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