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Monday, October 10, 2016

Who's By Your Side?

Who's By Your Side?

Evil is out there and on deception it feeds.
It whispers and beckons
Through the most innocent things.
It seduces enticingly
Telling man he NEEDS more!...
One step...then another
Before you know it, there's war.

Yes, man, oh so quickly,
Into darkness will glide
Oft times, while proclaiming
He has God at his side.

Devastation runs rampant, in all forms it's spread.
By our treatment of others and
By the words we have said.
Or it’s pretty, oh so sparkly!
In our minds breeding greed
For some form of addiction;
We MUST fill the need!

Yes, man, oh so quickly,
Into darkness will glide
Not knowing his yearning is
For God at his side.

For if God is in Heaven, the devil’s real too.
And he’ll stop at nothing.
EVERY life, he’ll pursue.
His demons and minions
Are running amok
Causing hopelessness, poverty,
Wars and distrust.

The lion lays waiting
To devour young minds
To control them forever
Far from God’s loving side.

Always endeavor to fight the good fight
No matter the consequence
We must stand by what’s right!
Turn to God’s Word for guidance,
Seek Him out. That’s right! Pray!
And tell others about Jesus
So they, too, might be saved.

Yes, we’re human, we’ll falter,
But if by His Word, we’ll abide
We will grow through this lifetime
Keeping God at our side.

A few year's ago, our son posted the lyric to a Bob Dylan song called With God On Our Side, they stuck with me, but not in a good way. Something did not ring true. This poem would be my response to Mr. Dylan.

Horrible things happen in this world not because of God, but in spite of him. Who would dare to spite God? There is one who exists for it. His name is Lucifer. Satan. The devil. Be careful. He is cunning. Trying his best to twist what is wrong to look right.

Don't kiss that frog!