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Friday, June 23, 2017

It's Come In Two Phases

Do you know why there are two testaments in the Bible? We define it simply by saying the Old Testament is the story of life here before Jesus came to earth and the New Testament is the chronicle of Jesus' life, death and the birth of His church that followed. Really, though, there is a lot more to it than that.

Did you know that God hung out here on earth with Adam and Eve? ...Before they messed up and disobeyed Him, I mean. And that happened in Chapter 3! By Chapter 6, man had become so evil that God could take no more. Chapter 6! Not even a nanosecond in the big picture of eternity. Good grief, people! Seriously, man, can you blame Him?

Thank goodness for Noah and his family! The glimmer of hope God needed to carry on. After the flood, God decreed a covenant with man saying never again would He interfere with His original plan for creation. His hope in creating us was that we would choose to follow His will for our lives. Which pretty much boiled down to showing love to our fellow man and acknowledging God as our Creator. The Garden of Eden was supposed to be the norm!

So, I haven't even gotten past Chapter 8 in Genesis yet. I had better stop the play-by-play. The Old Testament is important. It documents the history of the relationship between God and man from the point of creation up to a time when God left us to our own devices... Or, perhaps that should read God left us to our own vices because sin has become so embedded within us, it's not even funny.

Whichever sentence you choose, the world grew darker because of it. The vast majority knowing no different. They just kept on keeping on. And, sadly, at times God was not acknowledged for so long that His own people lost complete sight of Him.

How did we get to that point? From Adam and Eve on, God's chosen, (within which we find the lineage from whom Jesus was born,) had bout after bout of turning from God for one reason or another. This resulted in God taking away His protection for a time. The people would, eventually, wise up and tell God they were sorry. God, the very nature of love, would know when their hearts were sincere, forgive them, and set them on their path again. This happened time after time and there, finally, came a day when God had had enough. He was silent for 400 years.

When God deemed the time was right, Phaseof His plan was put into action. This phase of creation was not an afterthought. They had planned this day's arrival; Jesus was at the ready. Even knowing what was to come, His great love for us superseded all. He was at the ready because we are His passion. He chose to come and live life as a man. He knew every emotion, faced temptation, ↼ Probably to the nth degree! You know who was chomping at the bit from the moment Jesus got here to fell our hero in any way possible! As He grew so did the possibilities! If he could get Him to mess up outright... Can't you just see him shoulders hunched and hands clinched together in evil anticipation... *shudder* Jesus did not kiss that frog. Ever.↼ felt hunger and pain, and still was able to lead a life free from sin. He never displeased His Father. Not once. Because of that fact, He became our sacrifice.

"Every priest stands day after day ministering and offering the same sacrifices time after time, which can never take away sins. But this man, after offering one sacrifice for sins forever, sat down at the right hand of God. He is now waiting until His enemies are made His footstool. For by one offering He has perfected forever those who are sanctified."                                                                                 ~Hebrews 10:11-14
I encourage you to read Hebrews Chapter 10, but just those verses are a lot to wrap your head around, huh? We can only imagine the conversations in heaven, but they have them. I wonder if when discussing creation plans, God mentioned that we would be incapable of following His lead. Perhaps, noting if Lucifer (Satan)  had mastered the art of luring His heavenly creations away, what chance did man have to withstand him? He, too, loves us and would not want us to be doomed from the start. But, I can just see Jesus at the ready even then! Smh (shaking my head)... In wonder!

"I can do it, Dad! I will show them the Way! Send me! If I do this for them and they except this gift I offer, they will make it. Send me!

Of course, God knew that Jesus was capable. That He would become a worthy sacrifice to eradicate sin once for all. First from individual lives and then for all creation as He casts Satan into the fiery pit. But this was His Son... What Jesus was willing to endure... Could a Father allow it?

The above conversation is just me thinking as a parent. However it was determined, they gave us a chance to get it right on our own. But I'm sure we proved pretty early on that we weren't going to get it together. We needed help. But could a Father allow it...

Oh, thank you, Father, God, for sending Him. Thank you, Jesus, my brother, for coming! 

I think we are going to leave things there for now. But we'll delve in a little deeper, okay? God not only forgave His people over and over, He tried His best to get us to understand why it's so important to stick with Him. There are lessons for us there, my friend. And the New Testament... Victory! There is victory there to be had. Once for all.

May we pray?

Thank you, Jesus, for what You've done for us. Sin was defeated that day on the cross. Let all who read this and have a decision to make, hear You speaking to their heart of hearts.

May all who read this that do know You as Lord and Savior of their lives, be spurred to action. Sharing your great love with those that need to know. 

You are the bridge. The connection we need to stand right with God. It's in Your name we pray.


See you next time.

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